Kaws Holiday @ Seokchon Lake!

Kaws has had a lot of success in Korea (and Asia in general) recently, having released a number of collaborations with affordable clothing Uniqlo, and having been a sucker for his work for the past 7? years… of course I’m going to be keeping my eyes out for anything he does in my area. SoContinue reading “Kaws Holiday @ Seokchon Lake!”

Wolmido, Home of The Vikings!

     If you’ve ever searched “things to do in incheon” you’ll have no doubt found “Wolmido”, a small island off the west coast of incheon.      The island is well known for its small theme park, and its fresh sashimi restaurants (which I honestly haven’t tried – korean sashimi/sushi is not for meContinue reading “Wolmido, Home of The Vikings!”

Chinatown After Dark!

     One of the most ‘touristy’ places in Incheon lies at the end of subway line 1 – China Town. The area lies opposite Incheon station, marked by the giant red gate at the entrance of the hill. If you want to sample Korean-style Chinese food, China Town is for sure the place toContinue reading “Chinatown After Dark!”

What is it ACTUALLY like to move to South Korea?

Let me start off by saying living South Korea has been everything I expected it to be. But also a whole lot of unexpected. It’s scary and exciting all at the same time. Luckily, my life in korea has treated me pretty well. I have a stable job, I live in a nice area andContinue reading “What is it ACTUALLY like to move to South Korea?”

Avocado Frappuccino? (Starbucks Korea)

South Korea has its fair share of unique food from big chains, but nothing that has blown up quite like Starbucks’ new addition…. the avocado frappuccino! (queue everyone groaning about ‘millennials’ and their avocado obsession. Just leave it already mayyynn.) The frap only comes in a tall version, and costs w6900 – which is aboutContinue reading “Avocado Frappuccino? (Starbucks Korea)”

N Seoul Tower (Namsan Tower, 남산서울타워)

Namsan tower is arguably one of the most popular tourist destinations in Seoul, however in my 2.5 years of living in SK I’d never had time to visit. Yesterday we decided to hit it up and boy oh boy, was it a scorcher of a day. (Directions at the end!) First of all, if you decideContinue reading “N Seoul Tower (Namsan Tower, 남산서울타워)”