Vegan in Korea: Oh Se Gae Hyang Restaurant (오세계향)

Down a cute back alley in the Insadong district of Seoul lies a couple of vegan restaurants that offer a variety of korean dishes made in a way that is suitable for vegetarians, vegans and those who just want to try something new. One of my dear friends here is vegetarian, so we decided toContinue reading “Vegan in Korea: Oh Se Gae Hyang Restaurant (오세계향)”

It’s a Gold Mine! (Gwangmyeong Cave – 광명동굴)

During the warmer months of the year, Korea has no shortage of fun things to do outdoors, but if you want to get out of the heat for a day I would recommend Gwangmyeong Cave! What used to be a previous gold mine (literally. The cave held gold, silver, bronze, zinc and other ores whichContinue reading “It’s a Gold Mine! (Gwangmyeong Cave – 광명동굴)”

Nami Island – Singing My Own Winter Sonata (남이섬)

Back in December we decided to take a trip to Nami Island in Gapyeong. The island shot to the “top 10 things to do in Korea” lists thanks to the drama ‘Winter Sonata’ that was shot there in 2003. Before that, the island served as an area of historical influence being the final resting placeContinue reading “Nami Island – Singing My Own Winter Sonata (남이섬)”

Seoul Christmas Festival 2018 (서울 크리스마스 페스티벌)

For me, Christmas cannot be Christmas without some twinkling lights – whether they be on a tree, hanging from your banister or wrapped around your cat when it destroys the tree for the 40th time this week. I don’t have a lot of decorations at home because of that last reason, but luckily for meContinue reading “Seoul Christmas Festival 2018 (서울 크리스마스 페스티벌)”

I Love Every Type of Cat [2Cats Cat Cafe, Insadong]

Ok so by now you’ve probably heard of cat cafes. Many cities all over the world have at least one, including my little,` Newcastle (I think we have 2 now actually) Animal cafes in korea are everywhere. Not only dog and cat cafes but there are now “zoo” cafes containing exotic animals like raccoons,Continue reading “I Love Every Type of Cat [2Cats Cat Cafe, Insadong]”

Seoul International Fireworks Festival 2018

Every year Seoul holds its international fireworks festival on the banks of the Han River. Year after year over a million people flood to this event, which is the main reason that I’d never ventured there before. (Living in Incheon makes it hard to get home from Seoul late at night, plus the addition ofContinue reading “Seoul International Fireworks Festival 2018”

A Taste of Korean Tradition.

     Right in the middle of Seoul’s modern city is a taste of tradition in the form of Gyeongbok Palace (경복궁). Built in 1395, the palace has been home to Korea’s royalty over the generations. Today the palace is open to the public year-round to explore.       The palace can be accessed byContinue reading “A Taste of Korean Tradition.”

Kaws Holiday @ Seokchon Lake!

Kaws has had a lot of success in Korea (and Asia in general) recently, having released a number of collaborations with affordable clothing Uniqlo, and having been a sucker for his work for the past 7? years… of course I’m going to be keeping my eyes out for anything he does in my area. SoContinue reading “Kaws Holiday @ Seokchon Lake!”

N Seoul Tower (Namsan Tower, 남산서울타워)

Namsan tower is arguably one of the most popular tourist destinations in Seoul, however in my 2.5 years of living in SK I’d never had time to visit. Yesterday we decided to hit it up and boy oh boy, was it a scorcher of a day. (Directions at the end!) First of all, if you decideContinue reading “N Seoul Tower (Namsan Tower, 남산서울타워)”