Harry Potter in Hongdae? (Kings Cross 934)

Korea right now is on a harry potter binge (Which is honestly a regular monthly occurrence for me anyway) With the recent release of the new movie “Crimes of Grindelwald” and the new Harry Potter clothing collection at SPAO (Of which I am currently sporting whilst writing this – not sponsored but if you’re reading this SPAO ;););) ) it came of no surprise that a Harry potter themed cafe popped up in the middle of Seoul .

Right in the middle of Hongdae lies a whole 4 floors of magical themed goodness to accompany your daily caffeine fix. Being a huge harry potter fan I immediately set out to travel the 1 hour and 30 minute journey from my home in Incheon to Hongdae. And let me tell you IT WAS WORTH IT.

Once you find it, the cafe isn’t easy to miss. It is a standalone building and it is HUGE. The cafe has a lot of details outside as well as inside, providing a lot of photo opportunities for fellow Potterheads to spam their Instagram followers with.



(Also it took us a few tries to find the actual working door to get inside – it’s around the side without the trolley, but not the door with the windows. Look for the door near the sign)

We arrived at about 11:30 am so there weren’t many people around, but as we were coming out at around 12:10 there was a line outside – so try to get there early!

The menu was pretty normal, offering different types of coffee and other drinks. They also had cakes, and BUTTERBEER but it was sold out so I don’t want to talk about it. I’m ok I promise… DSC04483

After you enter, you must order – then you are free to move around the floors to take pictures. We chose a hot vanilla latte and iced cafe mocha combination, which were good but not any better than your average cafe.


The first floor is where the magic is, there are a few areas to take pictures like the wall of wand boxes and the stairs, and there is is an opportunity to take pictures wearing your house robes (Which we didn’t really have time to wait for)


Floors 2 and up are seating areas for you to take your desired beverage to. There was something very cosy about wandering about the floors with the Harry Potter OST guiding you around. All the feels!

The seating areas are also decorated, but not necessarily Harry Potter themed. They are cosy, dimly lit and eclectic. It felt homely, especially being 1 degree C outside!


The stairs are lined with portraits, making it feel as if you are truly climbing the floors of an old stately home.

DSC04472DSC04470DSC04473All in all, do I recommend it? Absolutely. Even if just for that instant hit of nostalgia, it made me remember how it felt to be a child and I forgot my worries for an instant. If you’re in the area, definitely check it out.

I’m off to listen to the Harry Potter soundtrack. See ya next time!

– Jeni


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