Alpaca World!

About 2 hours from Incheon (or about 1 from Seoul) Lies a little secret fluffy haven in Hongcheon, Gangwondo. Alpaca world is a ‘farm’ where you can meet alpacas alongside many other animals!


     Disclaimer: The park is clean and friendly. The animals are VERY well cared for and have a lot of space to roam around. Visitors are encouraged to report any signs of abuse by staff members AND members of the public. I refuse to blog about animal experiences with unsatisfactory conditions.

Alpaca world offers visitors to get up close and personal with an array of animals, including ponies, sheep, goats and even reptiles!

We arrived by car, and at the parking lot there were shuttle busses up the hill to the entrance. Alpaca world is built in a slightly mountainous area so have your comfortable shoes on! The bus was free, however you can walk up the hill if you choose. (we chose to walk down it because the line for the bus was long, but not up it)


The price of admission is W15,000 however some of the attractions and shows are not included in the price of admission (The train safari costs about W3000, and some of the shows up to W5000) The ticket booth is right at the entrance, and there is also a small gift shop/cafe!




The safari train, in my opinion, was a little rickety. I felt like it wasn’t going to succeed in pulling my big butt up the hill, but it did! The train seats about 8 or 9 people in single seats. The conductor gives a small handful of carrots for you to feed the alpacas that are taking a rest in the area! (There is also a train that runs through the deer enclosure, however the day we went was a rest day for them)


We had food, but apparently shirts are more delicious??

Now, heres the main attraction. For a small fee, you can take an alpaca for a walk in the park. Except alpacas aren’t dogs. And they don’t really follow directions. so basically its just like “Here’s an alpaca. Heres some food to lead it. Good luck”

Our not so good boy was called Taeyang, and he just wasn’t feeling it today for some reason.


This is the food you have to convince them coming with you is a great idea. Once you run out theres no getting them back to base though so be careful.

The sessions are closely monitored and individuals are allowed no more than 10 minutes with their companion alpaca. after the session is finished, the alpacas are returned and allowed to rest away from people.

Near the alpaca walking area is a bird house, mostly filled with budgerigars. The room has a lot of rest times to avoid stressing out the animals, so you may have to schedule your time carefully if you want to visit.

The birds were in good condition, and we paid for some food for them. (some of them are a little too mouthy, so be careful if you’re taking children!)


maybe he just missed the food? either way this HURT 

Although they were looking a little less majestic than usual (It’s shedding season!) the peacocks were beautiful! There are a lot of little friends free to roam about the park including chickens and rabbits!



There is a restaurant in the park that offers a few good options. The portions were big and the food was good! J ate pork cutlet, and I opted for the pasta.

All in all it was a good day out, and I was satisfied with the caring of the animals. I’d recommend it if your’e in the area and want to spend some time around cute animals!


(Ps sorry I missed a couple of days!)



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