I Love Every Type of Cat [2Cats Cat Cafe, Insadong]

Ok so by now you’ve probably heard of cat cafes. Many cities all over the world have at least one, including my little home..city,` Newcastle (I think we have 2 now actually)

Animal cafes in korea are everywhere. Not only dog and cat cafes but there are now “zoo” cafes containing exotic animals like raccoons, meerkats, foxes and the likes. (PLEASE be aware that the animal welfare laws and treatment in korea are often very poor. Please do your research before supporting any of these cafes.)

One of my favourite cafes is 2Cats cat cafe. Located right in the middle of insadong street, this cafe gets my check of recommendation for animal welfare.


The cafe is cozy but not super small, and hosts a reasonable number of kiddens for you to snuggle! The cats are well cared for, and very healthy! (There is even a little hole in the wall the cats can use to retreat to if they are feeling overstimulated or need to go potty)

Pee pee wall hole

Depending on the time the cafe can get quite busy (even 10 people in here can make the space feel quite crowded) and cars being cats, are often sleeping or doing that bendy back thing to avoid being touched. However the cafe has a relaxing vibe to it so it’s a nice place to just cut off from the world for a while.


The windows are adorned with different cat trees and there are shelves on the walls for the cats to climb and run around. The customers are advised on how to keep the cats safe and happy, and there are a plethora of toys to keep them amused. The cafe has a 10,000w door charge, however that includes a beverage.



Along with grabbing a drink for yourselves, the cafe also sells treats for the cats to be fed! we opted for the chicken breast:


Let me know if you’ve ever been to a cat cafe!

Until next time, see ya soon!

–  Jen

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