Kaws Holiday @ Seokchon Lake!

Kaws has had a lot of success in Korea (and Asia in general) recently, having released a number of collaborations with affordable clothing Uniqlo, and having been a sucker for his work for the past 7? years… of course I’m going to be keeping my eyes out for anything he does in my area.
So when I found out he was throwing an installation into Seokcheon lake, of course i was going to travel 2 hours and 30 minutes to see it. I mean who wouldn’t?…
Seokcheon lake is easily accessible by subway (Jamsil station, Line 2) take a walk though the luxurious lotte world mall and come out at the lake on the other side (the entrance is by Uniqlo. How convenient!)
The installation is pretty big so don’t worry about missing it!
There is a seating area if you’d like to relax whilst enjoying the view – and a platform that you can climb (but don’t expect a better view – this is what it looks like:)

If you want to get a better view, I’d suggest going up into the mall behind. Here is the view from the cinema:

I wish I had a zoom lens but I don’t sorry.

The event is on in Seoul until August 19th! If you’re in the area take a visit for sure.

Until next time, see you soon!

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