Lotus Lantern Festival [Rewind]

Every year around Buddha's birthday Seoul holds Yeon Deung Hoe, it's lotus lantern festival. The festival is attended by people from all over the world, and although it is originally a buddhist celebration, it has become a celebration of culture too. Unfortunately, this year the festival was cancelled due to the current circumstances we're in …

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Best Places to see Cherry Blossoms in Seoul!

Spring is here, and that means cherry blossom season is finally amongst us. Korea really gets into the spring feeling by releasing amazing amounts of cherry blossom themed products (drinks, ramen - I'm sitting right next to an umbrella and a box of tissues... I'm a sucker for it) Yesterday we set out to Seoul …

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Seoul International Fireworks Festival 2018

Every year Seoul holds its international fireworks festival on the banks of the Han River. Year after year over a million people flood to this event, which is the main reason that I'd never ventured there before. (Living in Incheon makes it hard to get home from Seoul late at night, plus the addition of …

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