Best Places to see Cherry Blossoms in Seoul!

Spring is here, and that means cherry blossom season is finally amongst us. Korea really gets into the spring feeling by releasing amazing amounts of cherry blossom themed products (drinks, ramen – I’m sitting right next to an umbrella and a box of tissues… I’m a sucker for it)

Yesterday we set out to Seoul (despite rain warnings) to check out the Yeouido Cherry Blossom festival, and find some Weeping Cherry trees at the palace gardens.

Our first stop was Yeouido, home to an annual Cherry blossom festival which takes place along Yunjung-ro Road, a path lined with the famous pink trees. (It is also home to the International Fireworks Festival you can see here!

We took the subway in to Yeouinaru station (여의나루역) and left at exit 2. This way we hit all of the street food carts to fill up before we took the long walk along Yunjung-ro Road! It was already overcast, but the blossoms were out in full bloom.

There were a few varieties of cherry blossom trees here, and no shortage of photo opportunaties for that perfect instagram-worthy shot!

At the other end of the cherry blossom lined road lies National Assembly Station (국회의사당역). We hopped back on the subway towards Gwanghwamun to check out what the palace has to offer. It was then that the rain hit.

The palace is beautiful at any time of the year (I visit frequently, follow my Instagram to keep up!) however the grounds are particularly stunning during the warmer months, where you can see the nature really flourish!

Grab a ticket to enter the grounds, W3.000 per person – or free if you are wearing a hanbok!

The blossoms at the gate weren’t yet fully ready, but there were some beautiful weeping cherry trees further into the area!

Drop a comment if you’ve been to see the cherry blossoms bloom already this year. If you’re in Seoul, get yourself over to these places ASAP before they disappear!

Until next time, see ya soon!


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