Chinatown After Dark!

     One of the most ‘touristy’ places in Incheon lies at the end of subway line 1 – China Town. The area lies opposite Incheon station, marked by the giant red gate at the entrance of the hill. If you want to sample Korean-style Chinese food, China Town is for sure the place to head!
     We took a stroll through it on our way home this weekend. It’s so pretty after dark!
DSC01905 copyDSC01914 copy
     Most of the restaurants are fairly busy throughout the day, so you may have to wait a little until you get seated, but i’ve heard it’s worth it! (words are not my own. I tend not to eat Korean-Chinese food ha)
DSC01894 copyDSC01900 copy
     The place is full of little bakeries that i can vouch for, however! growing up next to chinatown in my city gave me a great love for Chinese pastry products. Buttery heaven!
     Right next to chinatown is the fairytale village, which was pretty much deserted when we got there (about 8pm – it is not well lit so i couldn’t take any pictures ;—; ) so if you plan on visiting, definitely visit through the daytime.
DSC01887 copyDSC01878 copyDSC01880 copy2DSC01883 copy
     When you get bored, hop across the road to take a bus to Wolmido! (look out for my next post!) Its less than 10 minutes away by bus and definitely worth the visit!
     Let me know if you’ve visited China Town! Did you enjoy the restaurants? Drop a comment below!
See you soon! xo

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