[Hiking Korea] Incheon’s historical Munhaksan (문학산)

Muhanksan is situated in Incheon and is easily accessed by subway. It is a relatively easy hike, with the summit only standing at 217m (712 feet). The easiest way to access the mountain is to take the subway (Incheon line 1) to Seonhak station and take exit 3 out onto the street.

The entrance to the mountain is easy to miss, so look out for the entrance to this little temple, and head up the road to the right! If you can see the dark green signs for the Yeonsu Dullegil (pictured below) you’re on the right track!

The starting hill is pretty steep, and if it has been raining it can get pretty slippy so please do take caution
Munhaksan is part of the Yeonsu Dullegil,a walking trail that covers multiple parks and mountains in the area

There are a few paths off the mountain, so if you’re heading towards the summit, make sure you are heading towards Seonyu Bong, a small rest point about halfway in

One of just a few staircases to challenge your stamina haha!
Rest point shelter

Once you reach the rest point, you will be able to see some stunning views of Munhak sports stadium and downtown Incheon! There is also a map with a list of other mountains in the area.

Once you’re done at the rest stop, carry on walking out of the other side to reach the summit. From here the path is pretty straightforward,but there are some rocky paths so watch your ankles!

The path from here offers some really incredible views of Incheon with multiple viewpoints and decks for plenty of photo opportunities!

Reaching the top of Munhaksan is a little surreal, as the natural scenery of the mountin is interrupted by an abandoned military post followed by a parking lot. At first I thought I’d made a mistake, but the mountain is actually a military zone,and some parts of it are still closed to the public.

The top is up the road!

The top of Munhaksan offers a very large area to take a rest at, and many viewpoints. There is also a museum but because of the pandemic I have yet to visit it.

The museum

Once finished at the top, you can follow the trail back down the same way to find your way back to the station, however I headed down the paved road as the path leads not only straight to my back garden, but there is a beautiful temple on the way down. This day happened to be quite close toBuddhas Birthday celebrations, so I wanted to check out the decorations!

Heading back towards the path above the freeway will take you out behind some junk yards – keep heading out until you hit the main road and you’ll end up about a 10 minute walk to Yeonsu station (yellow Suin-Bundang line)


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