Dongbaekseom Island (해운대 동백섬)

Because we arrived at Haeundae late afternoon, it didn’t take long after we arrived for the sun to start to set. We headed towards the Westin Chosun hotel to start on the path towards the observatory, where we wanted to watch the sunset.

The path to Dongbaekseom

The path winds it’s way on the seafront, past a beautifully carved mermaid statue, which is based on the legend of Princess Hwagok

At the end of the path lies the lighthouse and Nurimaru APEC House, a beautiful international conference and memorial hall where you can view the ocean from a warm spot if its too cold outside!

Nurimaru APEC House and courtyard

We arrived with ample time to watch the sunset from the island. There were not many people around, probably beacsue it was so cold!

A man was catching his dinner from the rock!

After sundown, we headed back to Haeundae beach to check out the aqaurium – Look out for next weeks post!

Check out J’s video for some more!


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