Busan Sea Life Aquarium

One of my favorite things to do wherever I travel to is visit an aquarium, so it was one of the first things on my ‘Busan to do’ list. It’s just so calming so be surrounded by tonnes of water and fish for me!

After heding back to Haeundae Beach from Dongbaekseom Island, we hit up the aquarium before heading for something to eat and back to the hotel.


The Sea Life trust runs a number of research, rescue, breeding and protection programs from their aquariums. When we visited, the aquarium was rehabilitating 2 injured turtles and getting them ready to release them back into the wild!

The aquarium had a little learning center for children to see how importand protection and rescue/rehabilitation is for the ocean! Cute!

The aquarium had a good selection of species to see, although I would have liked to see bigger aquariums for some of the fish.

Some of the rooms were themed, like this room specially for tiny spotted puffer fish!



Like most aquariums, this one had a ‘main’ aquarium where all of the big rays and sharks lived, which you could see in small parts as you walked through the hallways. This hallway had a glass floor through which you could see the larger fish swimming around below you! (not that I could catch any. Lemme tell you I’m not an aquarium photographer.)


The aquarium also offers a ride in a glass bottom boat over the top of the aquarium if you so desire!

Coral looks so different under uv!


Jellyfish are always amazing to watch
One of the first things I always look for is the octopus aquarium. Look at this big boy! So cute!

The main aquarium was not disappointing. Holding 3,000 tons of seawater, the tank is beautifully decorated, and home to several species of fish and ray – including grey nurse sharks (which you can also scuba dive with inside the aquarium if you so wish!)


Look at it’s teefs! ❤


After leaving the aquarium, we headed back to the hotel to get enough rest ready for our trip to Taejongdae (Check next weeks post!)



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