Winter at Haneul Park, Seoul (하늘공원)


Haneul Park is situated right next to Seoul’s World Cup Stadium, one of 5 parks that surround the area. It is famous amongst instagrammers and budding photographers due to it’s abundance of eulalia (or pampas grass) which blooms a beautiful pink, silvery color during the autum, perfect for getting that nature shot!

Unfortunately, now that it’s december, the bloom is long since over – but the grass is still standing taller than ever.


Haneul (하늘) literally means ‘sky’ in Korean and thats what i thought I was going to reach climbing those 500 (a lot of people say 291 but I  DISAGREE sir.) stairs to the park. Let me tell you there is a tram that runs from world cup stadium to the top of the park – if you don’t want to hike, take the bus-tram.

The park is literally built on a landfill. Literally. From the late 1970s until mid 1990s, the place was a trash pile. However, once the landfill reached capacity, it was filled in and the park was allowed to floursh. Even in winter, there were a great variety of birds and other critters around. There are actually vents scattered around the park for the safe release of the methane building up beneath your feet. Cool, huh?


Bird houses. Many many bird houses.

We got to the park before midday  and we passed maybe about 30 people in the whole park. The grass grows so tall it gives you a great sense of privacy and the illusion that you’re alone.

The park offers a great view of seoul and it’s surrounding areas, I couldn’t stop myself taking too many panoramas (ㅠ_ㅠ) There are a lot of viewing platforms to take advantage of to see sights like Namsan Tower, the World Cup Stadium and several mountaisn surrounding the Seoul area!


You can climb this! The view from here is super beautiful!





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