Jesmond Dene -A Little Patch of Serenity.

One thing I miss most about living in South Korea is easy access to a park. Sure there are small patches of grass with a few trees scattered about here, but unless you go climb a mountain there is nowhere really to get ‘lost’.  Having become father to a very good boy recently, my brother asked us if we wanted to go for a walk through Jesmond Dene, a small wooded park close to the heart of Newcastle. The park  was originally planned in the mid 1800’s by William Armstrong to accompany his nearby house, but now belongs to the city and acts as a public park.

The goodboi in question.

The park is home to ‘pets corner’ a small selection of cuties to look at! This area has been around since the 1960’s.


Tell me: where is your favourite place to unwind? Drop a comment below!

Check out J’s video to see some drone views!

P.s. sorry I missed the upload on Sunday!

See ya soon!


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