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England Has Beaches??

Yes. Are they cold? Yes. Are they sometimes just covered in tiny rocks that break your ankles? Yes. Are they the best place to get fish and chips? Heck yes. England has thousands of beaches along it’s coastlines. Don’t get me wrong you’re not gonna feel like you’re in the Maldives with crystal clear turquoise

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Jesmond Dene -A Little Patch of Serenity.

One thing I miss most about living in South Korea is easy access to a park. Sure there are small patches of grass with a few trees scattered about here, but unless you go climb a mountain there is nowhere really to get ‘lost’.  Having become father to a very good boy recently, my brother

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Alnwick Castle & Gardens

Situated in Northumberland, just north of Newcastle Upon Tyne, lies Alnwick castle. Still home to the duke and his family, it is the second largest inhabited castle in the UK. The castle has been a large part of English culture for many years, but gained more popularity as a tourist destination when the grounds were

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