I Drank From a Toilet?? Insadong’s Poop Cafe (또옹카페)

Yes, you heard that right. A cafe. A poop themed cafe.

Korea has this weird ability to make anything look unbelievably cute, and things we would usually find distasteful do not escape its clutches. One of my favourite places to take visitors is the Poop Cafe in the neighbourhood of Insadong, just a stones throw from Gyeongbokgung Palace. Its hit or miss whether they’ll enjoy it, but its certainly an experience they won’t forget!

On the main Insadong street is the shopping complex Ssamziegil (쌈지길) which plays host to an array of stores selling hand made and kitschy items. Think of it like if Etsy had a physical shopping mall.

You can find the Poop Cafe on the top level, giving you a great view of the complex below! There is also a little vendor selling poop shaped bread snacks outside for the full experience!

The cafe is quite small inside, so it’s best to avoid weekends if you want to be guaranteed a seat without a wait!

The cafe is littered with poop themed memorabilia, including little poop shaped note cards with messages on them from previous customers. Honestly this is my type of humour though. the little blue circle literally says “I want to take a poop”. You can thank my kindergarten students for teaching me that one!

The menu is quite large but do be aware that only certain drinks are served in the toilet shaped cups. They also have a limited number, so ask before you order! I ordered a mojito latte, and my friend got a green tea latte in a smaller (but still poop themed) mug!

The cafe is quite easy to access, the quickest way is to hop on a subway to Anguk Station (Line 3) And head out of Exit 6! It is just a short trip down Insadong street after that. Make sure to stop into the souvenir shops and grab some street food while you’re there!

Link to kakao map route here!

(*Disclaimer: These photos were taken late 2018, so I can’t guarantee that things are still the same)


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