Get Your Head in the Clouds at Busan Tower (부산타워)

Back when me and J visited Busan in December, one of the last places on our TO DO list was Busan Tower. The tower can be accessed easily by subway – only a few minutes walk from Nampo station (make sure you leave exit 7!)

We took the scenic route through the park (because honestly we went the wrong way and this was our only option so)

It isn’t a super huge park so don’t be afraid to take the stairs!

At the top of the hill lies the tower and a few restaurants/cafes. In my opinion, the tower looks best when it gets dark, so aim to go in the evening! It is open until 11pm!

You can already see a great view of the city from the bottom!

The tickets for the observatory are W8,000 for adults and W6,000 for children, however if you’re a little hungry you can also grab food with your ticket: popcorn + tickets for 2 costs W19,500, or grab a burger with your ticket for W14,900!

You can grab a souvenir photo whilst you’re waiting in line for the elevator to take you up to the observitory. We opted out to save time.

Once in the elevator, it will take you less than a minute to climb the 120 m to the top, there you can see great views of Busan!

Every so often, the tower has a show to enjoy. Watch as fireworks and lanterns are projected onto the windows of the observitory, making the visit even more awesome!

Overall i recommend it if you’re in the area, its definitely cool to see an areal view of Busan!

Until next time, see ya soon!


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