Winter at Haeundae Beach (해운대해수욕장)

After finishing up at the temple, we headed towards Haeundae beach, one of the most popular beaches across the peninsula.


During the summer, people flock to Haeundae to enjoy its turquoise water and clean sand, however, it is much quieter during the winter. Despite being only 6 degrees C, there were still many people about taking pictures and having fun on the sand.


The beach itself was incredibly clean, and the water was clear (I obviously didn’t want to dive in though)

The area is surrounded by modern hotels, and there are a lot of places to grab something to eat, both sit down restaurants or quick street food.


Busan Sea Life Aquarium is also situated right on the beach front if you should get bored of being on the beach itself!

Dongbaekseom Island is situated to the far right of Haeundae beach, and is definitely worth the walk! Look out for next week’s post!

View of the beach from Dongbaekseom Island


Check out J’s vlog here!


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