Avocado Frappuccino? (Starbucks Korea)

South Korea has its fair share of unique food from big chains, but nothing that has blown up quite like Starbucks’ new addition…. the avocado frappuccino! (queue everyone groaning about ‘millennials’ and their avocado obsession. Just leave it already mayyynn.)
The frap only comes in a tall version, and costs w6900 – which is about $6.20 USD, £4.60 or about 0.00092 bitcoin apparently. About the average cost of a novelty drink just about anywhere.
DSC01698 copy.jpg
The frap (or blendy? as they’re called here) is green coloured, and has a chocolate ‘pit’ on top. I’m not sure what else is in it except milk and well… avocado.
DSC01716 copy.jpg
The ‘pit’ is a hollow white chocolate ball. 
Starbucks Korea is also selling an Omija iced sherbet drink alongside it (w6300, but also comes in a bigger size). The drink is bright pink, perfect for summer. Omija is a type of berry usually drank as a tea here in korea, however this version is a refreshing sparkling slushy drink that i was pleasantly surprised by (I’m usually not the biggest fan of Omija berries)
DSC01715 copy.jpg
It has those little popping juice bubbles on top!
The verdict? If you enjoy your avocados with a tonne of sugar on then this is for you. The look of the drink clearly helped the hype more than it’s taste. 100% recommend the Omija drink though!
Until next time, see ya soon!

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